Why Moms Can’t Be Sick

Hey Everybody!

I hope that your Christmas was filled with lots of laughs, joy, warm memories, and appreciation for the birth of our savior, Jesus! Our Christmas season this year was UBER busy, and to top it all off, I ended up getting hit with an infection on CHRISTMAS EVE! So I suffered through it on Christmas day and finally went into the ER on Friday morning only to spend 5 hours there for a diagnosis that could have been given over the phone. BUT you know how it is, they will prick and prod and give you every test imaginable to get all them “coints!”

Thankfully, I am hardly ever sick. I have the occasional head cold once or twice a year max, but other than that, I’m on the go and I love it! So being sick this time around made me realize once again, why its so hard for moms to have sick days! First off, my big toddler kid Elijah who is 16 months is still nursing, so the initial infection was breast-feeding related. Right. Who gets a breast-feeding infection almost a year and a half in the game? *insert a long wail* To top it off, the antibiotics to treat that infection caused my tongue and inside of cheeks and roof of mouth to start welting and swelling, so finally after 2 days of that I’m like WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEE?!!!!!!!! *insert another long dramatic hands on my head wail* So I pull up my computer, and after some very quick research discover that I had developed *drumroll* oral THRUSH! OMG. If you are lucky enough to not know what that is, its basically a yeast infection in your mouth, eeek! So my tongue hurts, the roof of my mouth hurts, and the sides of my jaws hurt, and with all that hurting, I am not eating because….IT HURTS! The highlight of my day yesterday was cream of chicken soup. And I relished it as though it were turkey and dressing while my goofy sister Tresbien laughed at what I was eating.

But back to my point, I have made my own list of why its so hard for me as a mom to be sick and actually peacefully recuperate:

1. Its hard for your husband to balance 3 bad boys who are all geeked up from their new Christmas toys. So you end up wilting in the bed, starving and desiring something to eat, yet cannot eat because your mouth is all jacked up. *he did bring me eggs in bed this morning though hehe*

2. The kids keep coming to YOU for stuff, when your husband was literally right next to them. I wish I could put on that gold ring from the Hobbit and be invisible for like 2 days.

3. When you are able to get out of the bed, you are smacked in the face with pulsating anxiety at the mess you see…..EVERYWHERE! I woke up today to find 3 plates of food on the table, and most of the food that was on those plates had made their way ON THE FLOOR beneath the table! Then there’s the big puddle of water or apple juice or whatever it was all mixed into the food, coupled with overturned cups, forks and spoons  strewn about the room, chairs that were all grouped together and angled in different directions…. you name it, I saw it. It looked as if I had just missed The Three Stooges having breakfast. I pointed out the mess to my husband who I saw look at it, and then eyes register as if he saw it for the very first time. Yet he walked past it at least 15 times that morning. His response, a very dry “oh I’ll get it when I get back”, which would be 2.5-3 hours later. #ICant

4. We hate asking for help. Cue the mop & broom.

5. And when we do get help, we don’t know what to do with it. Yesterday my niece asked if I needed help and came over. I really racked my brain like “what can she do?” although one QUICK glance around my house one could easily make a pretty lengthy to-do-list, but instead I asked her to keep the kids entertained and I got back in the bed lol. For some reason, I could not say “hey wash the dishes, clean the tables, run the vacuum”. What’s wrong with me?

6. You have anxiety over what your kids are being fed. One evening I saw my son getting rocked to sleep in the dark with a sucker in his mouth. I’m not gone say who was rocking him though.

7. The big humongous growing pile of laundry in the corner is seriously depressing. That and no one has clean underwear or socks in the house!

So you see?! The struggle is real! But big shout out to my husband who has been holding it down at the house… in his own way, giggles. I don’t think he’s changed this many diapers since Elijah was born! Go Red! LOL

What did I miss? What reasons do you find make it difficult for you to just stay in the bed and recuperate? In other news, I’ve lost like 5lbs on the oral thrush diet, lol. *why does that make me happy?* #durp

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    6 thoughts on “Why Moms Can’t Be Sick”

    1. Lol!!! And you talk about me?!? Shoot, You should have used said niece to the gritty bone to get as much as you could done. Next time…have your list ready!!lol

    2. hahahahahaa!!! Why did I actually feel my giggle turning into a frown and it stayed that way!! Yuck at the water mixed with food. But anywhoo this thrush sounds horrid! You just have to delegate and know others want to help you because they don’t want to look at that mess either!well except TRes LOL. Being on the other side of this (needing the help) you realize there is nothing really you can do in the situation and the feeling you get when giving to others is the same feeling they will have when they GIVE help to you. You just have to be open to receive it. Love YA!

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