Why is Jabin Crying?

Why is Jabin, my first-born son, crying? That is the question of the moment. It is currently 4:50pm EST. He called me earlier from school to make me aware that he had a tummy ache, so my husband happened to be home, which is extremely rare, and he went to pick him up.

After Jabin got home, he hung out in our bed for a while…you know, because when kids aren’t feeling their best hanging out in mommy’s bed…on mommy’s side of the bed….on mommy’s pillow is a cure all. He nibbled on some turkey sausage, and even asked for more. Sipped down a juice box and watched one of his favorite shows. He even went as far as to lock the door so no little brother annoyances could bother his “me time.”

Eventually, he came out of the room, played a little football on the Xbox, and announced that he was thirsty and politely asked could I get him something to drink.

Me: What would you like? Water or strawberry milk?

After some thought, he enthusiastically replied “strawberry milk!”

I proceeded to make his beverage of choice, and then the unthinkable happened. I belched during the short trip between the fridge and stirring his strawberry milk. I quickly said “excuse me” because that is a major pet peeve of Jabin’s…for someone to pass gas whether it be from the top end or the bottom end…he demands an “excuse me!” He’s even cut his eyes at me and yelled out in frustration once or twice if my “excuse me” was momentarily delayed.

But as the strawberry syrup begins to color the white milk pink, Jabin bursts into tears and he is visibly upset. As a matter of fact, he has been crying going on 15 minutes and is borderline inconsolable.

So…why is Jabin crying? Is it:

a. His tummy ache magically reappeared

b. His little brother, Elijah, pinched him in the belly, catching him off guard.

c. My belch intoxicated the air and drifted into his newly made strawberry milk.

Answer: C.

The End.

So, what are some peculiar reasons your kids have burst into tears? Share below!


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    17 thoughts on “Why is Jabin Crying?”

    1. LOL hahhahhaa…I love it! I know EXACTLY how he feels. I feel that way about the trash can outside, I hate when I throw something in it and the wind blows back from when the top closed it shut. Uggh, it makes me feel like trash stink and etc. has attached to me, oh and don’t let my mouth be open OH NOOOO… lol hhhhaaaaa… anywhoo, to answer your question. My son cried for about 7mins this morning and because he’s 3yrs old, he has his own language with various words. I tried giving him food because I thought he was hungry and etc. I then just finally said, Darius! Go Get It!, Whatever it is go get it! He went upstairs and came back down with his little hot wheels car he went to sleep holding. I’m thinking REALLY! This is what’s making me late for work. lol hahahhaha…

    2. Oh. Whenever a group of people, may it be two or we are all in the car together as a family and one person leaves Josiah will cry like an infant. It doesn’t matter where we are he doesn’t like anyone leaving his vicinity. He really needs to get over it!

    3. HA!! I am crackin up! Jabin and his querks! I told you yesterday Nessa almost lost it when I surprised her in class because the attention drawn to her from having to stand up and introduce me was too much to bare but she managed through quivering lips and a look of desperation. She was able to pull it together when I gave her a hug and allowed her to bury her face in my chest giving her enough time to catch her breath and throw on her smile!

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