What a Wild Wednesday

Today has been nothing short of WILD! So I’m calling it “Wild Wednesday”. Here’s a glimpse of my schedule for the day:

2:00AM- Elijah wakes up for 2nd time.

2:30AM- Elijah refuses to sleep alone, so in our bed he goes.

5:30AM- Finally able to put Elijah back in bed and ninja tiptoe out the room.

5:33AM-6:00AM- Listen to husband move all around the house, up and down the basement, ironing clothes while frantically pushing the steam button, brushing teeth, rumbling through drawers…. as he prepares to go play ball at the gym. My face resembled that of someone seriously contemplating committing physical assault. See, another reason we have to pray for the Lord to cover our mind and our wicked thoughts, because I coulda been on a future episode of “Snapped!”

6:30AM- Elijah back in bed with me. Seriously. Why is he reverting back to newborn days?

7:20AM- Older boys came downstairs, and Jabin has a big grin on his face because its his BIRRRTHDAYYYY! He’s the big 6, and the first in his class to leave the 5yo days behind and according to him, all of his classmates are buzzing with excitement to celebrate their first 6yo. He even double checked that I was indeed coming to bring him a birthday treat, and what it would be…and what outfit would he be wearing? I had to chuckle at that question, because he proved that he is MY CHILD!

My brand new 6 year old displaying his birthday breakfast!
My brand new 6 year old displaying his birthday breakfast!


8:06AM-8:25AM- Drop Jabin off at school.

8:25AM-8:45AM – Go to gym and drop the kiddies off at their Kiddie Play area.

9:00AM-10:15AM- Cardio and some resistance.

10:20AM-10:40AM- Showered, dressed, picked boys up from child care, and off to the cafeteria for lunch.

10:45AM-11:00AM – Lunch that consisted of a shake for me and breaded baked chicken tenders for the boys…which I got to finish off. SCORE!

11:00AM-11:05AM- Hustle boys in their coats and fight the cold bitter wind commute to the car, grimacing and face scrunched the entire time. Does the cold wind make anyone else’s eyeballs hurt?

11:05AM-11:15AM – Bank run, in which Caleb asks “why we always gotta go to the stupid bank?! You already got money!” Me: “Caleb! Hush your mouth!”

11:15AM-11:30AM – Drive home, praise God that Elijah submitted to my plan of falling asleep.

11:30AM- 12:55PM- Let Eli nap, me … I honestly don’t even remember what I did anymore. I made them snacks for the road. Oh, and I finally ate lunch myself while being bossed around by Caleb on what show he wanted to watch. Yes, I’m one of those moms. I thank God for TV.

12:55PM – 1:00PM – Wake up a very cranky toddler, change diaper, hustle them into coats. Caleb wants to know where we are going. I say to your cousin Alivia’s house! He breaks out into a huge grin and says, “To her house? To play?” I say yes! And what he did next is unbelievable. He unleashed a string of compliments. “Mommy, I like you now! No I love you! You are just pretty! You are sooooo pretty!” I wish I was making this up! Just thinking about that is making me shoulder shake chuckle.

1:00PM-1:05PM – Drive to sister Adeline’s house so she can keep my boys so I could be that mom that bustles into the school, happy and vibrant and bearing birthday treats! *side note, the name Adeline is becoming increasingly popular for baby girls!*

1:05PM-1:20PM – Drive to Tim Hortons to pick up glazed donuts. All the while trying not to lose my salvation on whyyyyy it was taking them so long to package up 27 donuts! HAHAHA whew. I am the Queen of last minute. I mean, I really could have ordered in advance as the employee suggested when he met my impatient glare as he rushed between me and the drive-thru window. #durp

1:20PM-1:33PM- FLY to Jabin’s school. I hate being late! I couldn’t be the vibrant happy bearing birthday treats mom and LATE! That wasn’t a part of the plan in my head!

1:35PM-2:45PM – Birthday treat and stalker mom time! Apparently, Jabin had already announced to his classmates what our treat was. So I was greeted with classmates asking could they help me pass out the donuts! Don’t they know they have little nasty grimy dirty hands? LOL

Birthday boy with his birthday treat!
Birthday boy with his birthday treat!
Wouldn't be complete without a mommy/son bday ussie!
Wouldn’t be complete without a mommy/son bday ussie!

2:45PM-3:00PM – Hurry Jabin out of the school for an early dismissal and drive to get my other boys from the cousin’s house!

It is now a little after 5:00PM EST, and Elijah has been in his crib for about 25 minutes crying and whining because he is deliriously tired. He gone learn ta’day! I am forcing myself not to get him :( He will have a bout of crying uncontrollably and then suddenly stop and in a normal voice holler out “MUM!”…… “MUM!” So yeah, he’s ok.

Are you all tired yet just reading my Wild Wednesday? And its not over yet. At 6:00PM it will be time to hustle back on all the coats, and make a 25 minute drive to church for Family Gingerbread House Building night! I’m actually really excited! Yippee! That’s over at 8:00PM, and prayerfully on the drive back home, all of these kids will fall asleep into a very deep slumber. In Jesus Name.

So, it is days like these that I have to be very intentional and conscious to find some quiet time just to pray and invite the Lord into my day. I’ve learned that when I don’t do that, my patience is thinner, my grace towards the children is questionable, and I am not personally engaged. Just going through the mommy notions of getting through the day. But praise God because He is a sustainer and provides a sense of peace even in the midst of a wild day :)

Now, to all my fellow mommy’s out there…wouldn’t it be WILD if we could just get away and go see a free movie? Well guess what? Its not that crazy of an idea, because I was offered 50 advance screening passes for our very first “Mama Needs a Break!” promotion! So,  to get a pass, comment below sharing a snippet of your “Wild Wednesday”. First 50 comments either here or on my Facebook page will be sent an electronic link to download the passes. That’s it!  *Note, advance screening is taking place in the Metro Detroit area on Monday, December 8th at 7PM, so get your babysitters lined up!*

WILD stars Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) and is directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club). After years of reckless behavior, a heroin addiction and the destruction of her marriage, Strayed makes a rash decision.  Haunted by memories of her mother Bobbi (Academy Award nominee Laura Dern) and with absolutely no experience, she sets out to hike more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail all on her own.  WILD powerfully reveals her terrors and pleasures –as she forges ahead on a journey that maddens, strengthens, and ultimately heals her. (FOX SEARCHLIGHT) This film is rated R. (Warning: I have not seen this film and am not endorsing it. It contains profanity and sexual scenes. But it is the story of a woman with a life full of mistakes, and she is stepping out on faith on a journey that will ultimately help her be free).

View the trailer here: