Flash Back Friday: That Time A Target Diaper Saved My Life

My husband and I are huge Lecrae fans! I remember when my husband gave his life to Christ (for real that time lol), he swapped out the JayZ music for Christian rappers like DaTruth, Flame, Trip Lee, and Lecrae. Later on he discovered Bizzle, who is like that guy who ministers the Gospel to the streets through lyric. He’s very controversial, but sold out for Christ!

I remember my husband picked up some of my friends from the airport back in 2008 as they came in town for my first born baby shower, and it was just Jesus music banging in the car with a sick beat and somebody rapping. And they were like “WHAT is this dude listening to?!” Not what one would expect out of a mid-20 something African American male! Jesus Freak and I love it!

So lets fast forward to Thursday, November 6, 2014. Lecrae had recently released a new record, Anomaly, and he came to Detroit as part of his tour dates. I knew how much my husband loved this album, so I booked us tickets, got us a sitter, and off we went! I was geeked because I loved a good beat and I loved how “free” these concerts were. People of all ethnicities, races, and even people who aren’t Christians are fans of Lecrae, and it was liberating to come together and glorify God in this downtown Detroit venue. Gazing the crowd, one would have no idea what genre we were there supporting. I saw parents with their adolescent kids, teens getting dropped off, couples in their mid 50’s and 20’s, Indians, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, any and everything! I saw this grey-haired white man sitting with his older kids, reciting lyrics word for word as Lecrae performed with a very subtle head nod. I was like “OKAYYYY! Oh you betta know this song!”

And then we heard the beat drop to this song, which was the single of his album, and we all jumped up, hands in the air, lips perched up, head banging, “Say I won’t!”


Next thing I know, I’m feeling kinda crampy. As a woman, one is ALWAYS prepared when “that time of the month” is around. So I excuse myself and go to the restroom because I just knew I had my feminine products tucked away in my coat pocket where I put it as I rushed out of the house just hours earlier. To my panic, I couldn’t find it! I searched my junky purse, eager to get back to the concert, and searched my pockets for the 3rd time. Where in the heck was my pad! *yes, some people still use these – no judgement remember?*

And then it was like a light beamed down on me in that tiny, 2-stall bathroom and shined right on a Target diaper I had stashed in my purse. It was folded and wrinkled up, proof it had been there for some time. I’m that mom with the purse that you can find any and everything in – including a diaper for a child who wasn’t even with her. Oh but won’t God do it!

I slightly waddled out of that bathroom, enjoyed the rest of the concert, hugged and took selfies with my husband, and when it was all over, we bought music, t-shirts, laughed and conversed with people we knew, and then started our trek back to the car. And guess what I saw – clear as day-  sitting right under a bush just feet away from the venue, my maxi pad – and the wrapper even slightly blew from the wind. It was like it was saying, “hey boo!” It took everything I had in me not to go and grab it with a grin, exclaiming THERE YOU ARE! Instead, I stood there and cracked up all by myself while my husband and a friend talked and looked at me like I was crazy.


Our concert Selfie!
Our concert Selfie!

And that is how a Target diaper saved my life. True Story. You’re welcome.

Now – we aren’t going to let me be the only one who admits to using baby products in unconventional ways right? Share your Flash Back Friday stories below! <3