They Still Need Our Kisses

When our children are newborn all the way up to toddler years, they really have no control over how much we kiss them. So I personally take FULL unapologetic advantage of this.

I remember one day when one of these kids (can’t remember which) was maybe 5/6 months, I tried to actually keep a tally of how many times I kissed him. I could literally plant 50 kisses on one fluffy cheek within a minute! So I just chalked myself up to #stalkermom cray cray, threw away the score card and kept on a’kissin.

My three sons are currently 7, 4 (soon to be 5 in May), and 2.5! So just this morning it hit me that I don’t kiss my oldest son, Jabin, nearly as much as I kiss my 4 yr old, Caleb, whom in turn I don’t kiss nearly as much as I do the baby, Elijah! And yes, I know as our children get older, they go off to school, eventually start after school sports and other activities, etc, so the stalker mom kissing window gets smaller and smaller *stifling a wail just thinking about it*.


Most recent family photo! Easter 2016 :)
Most recent family photo! Easter 2016 :)


So just this morning, Elijah came downstairs after he woke up, and I greeted him, like I do the others, with a big hug and excitement. “ELIJAHHH! You’re up! How’s my NuNu man! Give mommy a hug!” lol, you know, just being extra. I sat him up on the bar stool and made him some cereal. If I can be honest, babies and toddlers are just cuteness overload! They are still learning and growing, still widely dependent on the parent for every area of life, their heads are still the biggest part of their body, and they light up when they see you and for the most part, don’t mind your lips all over their face all day everyday.


Ok, maybe he cares just a little bit.
Ok, maybe he cares just a little bit.


So as I walked over to Elijah while he was minding his own business, eating his cereal, I planted yet another kiss on his cheek. I then looked over at my oldest son who was quietly eating his cereal, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. And it hit me, besides bedtime, I hardly ever kiss him! So I decided then and there he was about to get a big wet one, and a small part of me was nervous that he would reject me because he’s such a big boy now and is too old for kisses blah blah blah, I did it anyways. The smile he gave me literally warmed my heart and made me a little misty.

REVELATION: HE STILL NEEDS MY KISSES! HE STILL NEEDS MY AFFECTION! It doesn’t matter how old he gets or how much his independence grows and his dependence on me decreases, he will always need and desire the physical display of my love, because I’m his mommy. Now he won’t always ask and demand it and will undoubtedly resist it one day, but its up to me to freely show them just how much I love them, and that sometimes starts with a simple kiss. <3

Our mommy/son date to the movies last month! He frowned up when I told him we were going on a date, ha!
My oldest and I on our mommy/son date to the movies last month! He frowned up when I told him we were going on a date, ha!


I believe the Lord guides us each and everyday in our parenting if we allow Him too, and today I am thankful for that reminder that my son still needs my kisses.  Now I’d like to hear from you! Could your relationship with your children use a boost in affection? If so, I encourage you to make the first move! Hug them, plant a kiss on their face, and tell them you love them.

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