The Target Demon

Last evening, I went to Target with the sole intention to buy some water, milk, apple juice, and eggs. Instead, I wandered around the store looking at all the “Black Friday” deals, and was surprised to see one of the hot deals was 40% off all Men, Women, & Children apparel! So as most moms do, we think about our kids, and off I zoomed to the children’s clothing area as I did a mental note of everything my boys needed. When I got home, my husband’s eyes bulged as he said “what in the world did you buy?!” Ooops.

Here are some of the deals I found!

  • Long sleeve thermal tops for infant boys, size 12-24 months as low as $3.60!
  • Super cute pullover sweaters that would be great for church on Sundays, holiday photos, holiday events, or simply if you’re in the mood to have your kiddo lookin’ fly for the day. Marked down anywhere from $6-$9, originally $15!
  • Warm fuzzy holiday and character themed PJ sets, also great to gift the nieces and nephews and other kiddies in our lives.
  • Fabulous sweaters, blazers, cute jeans and skirts for us moms to spice up our wardrobe a little bit! Give those yoga pants and leggings a breather at least one day a week, ha! Trust me, putting a little more effort into your outer appearance will give you an extra pep in your step :)
  • “Ugly Sweater” deals…would be adorable for family Christmas photos!

But hurry…most of these deals end TODAY, Saturday, November 29th! If you don’t have the energy or the patience to brave the stores, shop online! Free shipping PLUS, don’t forget about the extra 5% off for the Red Card holders both in stores and online! I really should get paid for this free promotion…I really should lol.

Check out the photo gallery below highlighting some of the items I purchased along with those I just thought were too cute to not share! Andddd I’m praying that the Target Demon doesn’t force me back in there today….you know, just to see if I missed any essentials, hehe.

Bonus savings tip: For Red Card holders, you should have received in the mail about a month ago, a booklet of Holiday coupons. There is a $5 coupon for apparel purchases of $25 or more, PLUS if you receive infant/baby coupon books, there is a $4 off coupon for any baby, infant, or toddler Cherokee/Circo apparel purchases of $20 or more! Thats an additional $9 savings! #winning

I hope your weekend thus far has elicited warm and fuzzy feelings, and that you are creating fun and intimate memories with your families! If you are not yet subscribed to this blog, now would be a great time to do so! For Cyber Monday coming up, I will be hosting a fun family promotion that is absolutely free to enter! Sign up so you can be the first to get in on the winnings :) O’Toodles!