Spring Break Fun!

Happy Resurrection Sunday loves! To think that God gave His only son, to save a wretch like me makes me so thankful! I know I couldn’t sacrifice my only son for a bunch of heathens, so that’s how I KNOW we serve a supernatural God!


My family on Resurrection Sunday (Easter) 2015!
My family on Resurrection Sunday (Easter) 2015!

Across the country, many of our school-aged children are on SPRING BREAK this coming week, whoo hoo! How about this: I’m excited just to have a break from the chaotic routine of waking up, figuring out what these kids are gonna eat for breakfast, depending on their mood having to borderline threaten them to get dressed, do the 3 second countdown for them to brush their teeth or else, all along frantically watching the clock to ensure we all get out of the house on time! And let me have not been too lazy the night before to make Jabin’s lunch and morning/afternoon snack or else that’s another 5 minutes of rush-filled regret. Once I hustle them outside, the baby boy Elijah does his daily dart across the lawn in the opposite direction of the truck as he takes quick looks behind him to see how much time he has before I long stride it over to him and scoop him in the air as he releases a giggling shriek. I have to admit, just thinking about it brings a smile to my face because he really thinks he is going somewhere, lol! After our morning drop offs the rest of my day is dictated by the clock and the schedule is planned to the minute most days. So their spring break represents just a chance to breathe for all of us! I’m excited because I am learning that rest is a gift from God!


Sadly, a “break” does not always represent a chance to relax because for many families, having the kids at home for a full week can be kind of scary! Ok lets be real, having the kids at home for a full week can mean torture is coming your way! But it doesn’t have to be:) Our children don’t need to go somewhere extravagant or have Martha Steward-esque arts and crafts set out before them everyday this week, but they DO need to be occupied and have some sort of entertainment!  Or else… you have bored kids on your hands that will find their own ways to fill up their space, and if your kids are anything like mine, that means fighting over the iPad mini that my husband won from work, my iPad with the cracked corner, who’s watching what on the TV, whatever toy is in demand at the moment, fighting, tattle telling, depleting the pantry from any and every snack there is, and informing you they are thirsty every 20 minutes.

So I’d like to help a mama out with this list of 10 ideas and things to do to help you keep your sanity and the kids enjoying their break!

FREE! Save your coin and take advantage of these 5 local attractions that are free!

  1. Take the kids to your local library for a few hours of fun that includes story time, make believe, dress up, and more! If you live in a city with a drab library that’s dark and depressing like me, then cross the city line and take advantage of one that’s more fun and kid-friendly! Many libraries these days partner with each other so you can even use your local library card to rent books and movies from the one you are visiting!
  2. Children’s Museums and art centers (example Detroit Institute of Arts) also offer free admission for certain counties or through your local library. So while you are at the library, ask what other local attractions they may have resources available for.
  3. Your local shopping center’s Children’s Play Area! Over the summer, my boys and I were at the mall weekly simply for them to run, shout, and play catch while I could sit back in peace and watch them within a safe distance. Here, you can pack a lunch for the kids or eat lunch at the food court!
  4. If you belong to a fitness center with a children’s center, don’t forget to take advantage! With it being spring break, they have more activities planned.
  5. Layer up the kids and take a walk to your local park. Don’t have a nearby park? Then jump in the car and drive to one:) Fresh air is so refreshing!


  1. Browse Groupon or LivingSocial to see what family activity deals are available! In Metro Detroit, Airtime Trampoline is offering a great deal here.
  2. Go to the zoo! According to, spring is one of the best times of the year to visit the zoo; the animals are typically more visible and more active in addition to it not being as crowded. Put on your walking shoes, pack a lunch, and have at it!
  3. Family films like Disney’s Cinderella and Home by Dreamworks  are in theaters and receiving great reviews, so schedule a movie day!
  4. Look into Spring Break day camps at your local Boys & Girls Club, Salvation Army, and fitness centers like Lifetime Fitness. They offer fantastic fun-filled days for parents who aren’t able to take off of work for Spring Break or the parents that prefer to let someone else do the entertaining, lol.
  5. Take a road trip to an indoor water park like Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari Resorts, or simply find a local hotel that offers a kid friendly pool and create your own family fun Spring Break Staycation!

Whatever it is you do this week, remember to have fun and allow this to be a time to create precious memories with your children! Join me in doing the best we can to be intentional of eliminating distractions like our phones and social media so that when we are participating in these fun activities, we are actually fully present. Trust, the kids are watching!

If you have anything fun planned, share in the comments below! Happy Breaking! :)

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    1. HA! I plan to do all of the FREE ones!lol Great post because I’m sure I’m not the only parent wondering what in THEE world to do with these kids everyday for a whole week! Sidenote: My nephews are sooo cute!

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