Yummy cotton candy!

Frozen on Ice with Boys

Growing up, my parents ensured that we had yearly family vacations plus the opportunity to attend some of the local shows and attractions that visited our area, such as the UniverSOUL Circus, Disney on Ice, Harlem Globetrotters, and etc. So when thinking back on my childhood, not only did we not have a need for anything, but our parents were blessed to be able to provide some of the “extras”! So like most grandparents, they like to see their children’s children have fun experiences as well. So the decision to take my three sons to see Disney’s FROZEN on Ice, was partly pressured by my mother! It went kind of like this:


It was a chilly, cloudy day in Michigan where its known to be 50 degrees one day and an ice storm the next. I parked my truck, turned my head around to look at my youngest son, Elijah, and was greeted with those beautiful big eyes, green snotty nose (thanks to our wonderful weather), and happy wide grin. I smile in return, and that smile reached my eyes. Oh how I love him so! I unstrapped him from his car seat, propped him on my hip, kissed his cheeks approximately 4 times, nuzzled his neck, and fetched my black leather MK tote and balanced it on my wrist. As I opened the door to my mom’s hair salon, I was greeted by a basket of snacks that would completely destroy my morning workout within 30 seconds, waved to everyone I saw, and continued to the back of the salon where my mom sat in the cozy dimly lit waiting room, eating a snack and watching some TV.

“Hi mom! Can you cut Elijah’s hair today? I hope so, because we are NOT leaving without a haircut!” I say in a half-joking manner.

My mother laughed in return, responding “yep I have time! I just have a few clients to put under the dryer and then I can do it.”

Elijah sat in the styling chair, and looked very content as my mom put a towel and cape around his little shoulders and proceeded to cut about 2 inches of fluffy curly hair off of his head!

Haircut Time!
Haircut Time!

After he was done, I proceeded to put Elijah’s coat on and whisk him home for his nap, and I mentioned to my mom that I was thinking about surprising the boys with tickets to see Frozen on Ice! But she saw my hesitancy, and exclaimed, “that would be so nice!” and then her eyes slightly squinted, as she continued talking, reminding me “ya’ll went to stuff like that! Let them boys go!” So there it was! It was final, the Gonzo crew was going to see Disney on Ice!

Three days later, we found ourselves in bumper to bumper traffic as we made our way to The Palace of Auburn Hills.

“Are we really in traffic to see FROZEN?!” my husband asked with a hint of disbelief.

“Uh yeaaaahhh! Frozen is huge, you know this!” I said in return, giggling.

We slowly inched our way into the parking lot after handing over $10 to park, and our boy’s excitement continued to grow because we didn’t tell them where we were going! As we parked, our 6 year old Jabin took a guess.

“I know! We are going to see Spongebob Squarepants!” He yelled out with a big toothless grin.

“Nooo, but you’ll see soon!” I replied.

We all got out of the car, hand in hand and walked towards the entrance. I saw my husband looking at the droves of people walking alongside us, and he blurted out, “this don’t make no sense! We should be chanting ‘Deeeetroit Basketball‘ right now! Look at all these little girls in princess dresses! We got all boys taking them to see a Disney show!”

At this point, I’m full out laughing, but simultaneously scoured the crowd myself, singling out every little boy I saw. “There’s one! And there’s another one!’ I pointed out, somewhat satisfied. “Yeah, but they have sisters, it makes sense for them!” he says back, joining in on the laugh. Me, still laughing, I fought back with “oh whatever! Frozen is not just for little girls! The boys love Frozen!”

As we continued to walk, I turned and saw another family with not only just boys with them, but three boys like us! “YES! See, they have three boys just like us!” Red (did I mention that’s my husband’s nickname?) turned his neck then looked back at me, “they’re Asian, they don’t count! They probably helped produce the show!” Laughter erupted from my belly as I scolded him on his stereotypical “asians are smart” comment. *He was 100% joking, so I hope my inclusion of that in this story does not offend, because we sincerely love everybody!*

We finally stepped foot inside the Palace, and were bombarded with icy blue Frozen everything! Tshirt and toy stands, photo booths, $5 Frozen limited edition coloring books, and more! I looked to see how excited my boys must be, and they smiled a little but were definitely not over the moon lol.

We found our section where an usher politely directed us to the nosebleed section. “Ummm, these tickets were $49.50 a piece, why are we way up here?!” I asked, getting upset. “You just don’t know how to spend a little money, why is my nose bleeding!” My husband jokesd. I marched back down to the usher, because clearly this was a mistake!

“Yes, this is the correct section. These tickets are more expensive because they face the middle of the ice”, she said. I let out a very dry, side eye-ish “Oh”, and went back up to our seats, providing my husband with the explanation. I found myself feeling disappointed we weren’t closer and silently blaming the phone operator for telling me we had great seats, but noticed my boys didn’t have a care in the world. They were happy and that’s what mattered! *In retrospect I should have looked at a seating chart, so yeah….slaps to me*

The show began, and our 3yo son Caleb exclaimed, “yay, Mickey Mouse is out there!” We turned our full attention to the ice rink, where the traditional Disney characters skated around, waved, and welcomed us to get up and dance and sing along to the show!

“Mom, cotton candy!” My boys yelled out, pointing at the usher on the other side of the aisle heralding a balloon of cotton candy with customized Olaf hats on top. I ran over to get his attention.

“How much?”

“Fifteen dollars.”

My eyes bulged. “FIFTEEN DOLLARS?!” He smiled his understanding as he probably got the same reaction a thousand times over the weekend. “Uhhhh lemme get uhhhh, hmmm. One!” I decided, eliciting more giggles from the usher.

I went back to our seats, my husband saw me carrying one bag of cotton candy, and immediately began to shake his head. “Steph, did you really come back with one and we have three boys?! You have to expect to spend money out here!” He knows I’m cheap, and he is constantly teasing me about it. So after they devoured that in 5 minutes, my husband got up to go and get another one in addition to a $12 bag of popcorn. So this was what robbery felt like huh?

Yummy cotton candy!
Yummy cotton candy!

About 20 minutes into the show, Elijah became restless and was planning his escape, so I pulled out my golden weapon….the boob! Yes, he’s still nursing. I have half way attempted to wean, but the way my patience is set up…I always give in. So here we are at 19 months still nursing! He is asleep within 5 minutes and stayed that way throughout the intermission and the duration of the show.

“Yeah, I bet you are glad I’m still nursing now huh?” I asked my husband who makes it a weekly point to badger me on when I’m getting him off and jokes about it to mostly everyone he knows. “That boy 15 years old and still on the nipple!” he’s been known to say…out loud. “I am soooo happy you’re still nursing!” he says in agreement since that meant he did not have to wrestle down a curious restless toddler for another hour and a half.

Now on to the actual show. It was good, entertaining, and the voices and songs were exactly like the movie of course. So it felt like I was watching the movie on ice, but in slower motion. I found myself dozing off at times. My husband looked around and pointed out all the other fathers with their necks weighted down by their droopy heads and heavy eyes,  and the one just a few seats over looked utterly glazed over and confused as to why he was there. And then the infamous “Let it Go” came on and the Palace came alive, including myself, and I joined in, belting out “the past is in the PAAHASSSSTTTT! LET IT GOOOO, LET IT GOOOOO!” Yeah! LOL

When the show was over, Elijah awakened and clapped as if he saw the whole thing, and Jabin and Caleb happily clapped and smiled as well!

The Boys at Disney on Ice!
The Boys at Disney on Ice!


Jabin, the analytical smarty pants one: “It was ok I guess, but it was just like the movie! It was kinda boring!”

Caleb, the touchy feely, easy to please one: “I loved it! Yeah, I liked it so much! Can we come back again tomorrow?”

Elijah, the one that slept on my breast the entire time: “Yay!”

Me: “Very well done and translated well to the ice! But since the movie is still so popular and relevant, I found myself bored at times.”

My husband, a man’s man who often says he’s happy he doesn’t have to deal with emotional daughters (a lie, he wants one): “Pure torture!”

He even remixed “Let it Go” for me:


If you’re a parent and you took your kid(s) to see Disney’s FROZEN on Ice, comment below and let me know how they liked it! Was your husband or your children’s father more cooperative than mine? LOL!

Thanks for reading!

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    4 thoughts on “Frozen on Ice with Boys”

    1. First of all…let me say admitting, how I have stalked this page (along with LPE’s) for a new post!!! HAHAHAHA…okay…now back to business.

      This has by far…made my day!!! So hilarious!!! And yes, I can so relate…

      My bff and I took our daughters. I’d have to say that it was nice and great and much like your review all in one. Because I have a 21 year old, it was great to visit this enormous blast from the past (going to the ice capades)….gheeeesh…I couldn’t remember for the life of me when was the last time that I had seen a Disney show. Because I loooove the movie Frozen probably as much as my four year old, I will say that it was nice. But, like you, I also agree, after time, because it was just like the movie, on ice, but kinda in slow motion, I did indeed fight boredom….just a little bit. Well, I guess I can say that I got the added benefit of having a little girl dressed in froze n gear. So overall, it was a great time had by all.

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